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The Cholera has come here

In the canal district, (About where the Pepco building is today) crime, filth and poverty seem to live with each other in a career of degradation and death. Whole families are crowded into mere apologies called shanties which are without light or ventilation. During storms of rain or snow their roofs but slight protection while from beneath the ground runs wet with water" DC City Police chief

".. both rooms have an area together of no more then 18 feet and these "apartments" are the home of eight to ten people. Mothers, old wrinkled crones at age 30, sit rocking the infants whose pasty and pallid features, tell the decay and death are usurping the place of health and life" United States Commissioner office on the Irish along the canal

"My Dearest Brother, The Cholera has come here, there is a child dead on water street near the canals after an illness of only ten hours. The Doctors say that it had the symptoms of the Cholera in every way. If it is in Georgetown it will sweep the place for it is filthy....but chiefly it is the Irishmen who are taken with the Cholera in their camps at Georgetown and on the avenue between the Capitol and the Presidents house" Washington D.C. Matron

"The Irish population is full of those who little understand our way of life here ! Our climate, our language….or even our basic mode of living" DC City Official 1865