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F. Scott Fitzgerald, buried at St. Mary's in Rockville

“The English language brings out the best in the Irish. They court it like a beautiful woman. They make it bray with donkey laughter. They hurl it at the sky like a paint pot full of rainbows, and then make it chant a dirge for man's fate and man's follies that is as mournful as misty spring rain crying over the fallow earth.” T. E. Kalem

"One of the great troubles with Mr. F Scott Fitzgerald you see," said a New York Society Matron "he wanted so badly to be taken into society, and to be accepted as society, and he was certainly attractive and amusing enough to have made it easily. But he drank so badly you see. He would get blind drunk or he wouldn't show up...he was very unreliable, a very disorganized sort of man. No one minds a bit of drinking. .social drinking….we all do that, but there must be organization, without organization…..society simply doesn't exist."