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generous portions of liquor

Meat ! Three times a day !  plenty of bread ! and fresh vegetables with generous portions of liquor and good wages ! Between $10.00 and $12.00 dollars a month, American.
      Typical sign posted across Ireland on Church doors and trees, by recruiting agents for the Canals and Railroads being built in DC and other places on the east coast 

     Unfortunately the reality of life along America’s canals and railroad lines were far different. The work was dangerous and brutal and the free distribution of liqueur by the canal and railway companies, a hold over used to keep indentured servants from running away, more then often led to avoidable countless deaths when it was combined dynamite and unskilled drunken hands.
    The free flow of liqueur also helped to fuel the sporadic and deadly "Irish Wars" that broke out along the C&O canal and the railroad crews. Gangs of drunken Irish laborers, re-fighting century old disputes with Irishmen from other areas of the old country with pix axes, dynamite and shovels.
     The fighting grew so severe at one construction site neat Great Falls, Maryland, that president Andrew Jackson was forced to call out the Federal Militia to restore order and in Western Maryland 130 Sheriffs deputies  took two weeks to quell fraction fighting there. The same was true in Irish camps in Frederick and Tunneton and one riot in the Irish settlement town of Cresopa Maryland needed the entire troop placement from Fort Mckinley to restore order.