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St Mary's Chapel

St Mary's Chapel (AKA Barry's Chapel) was Roman Catholic parish church, 10th and F Streets SW, Washington, D.C.  (Now covered by the Southwest Freeway) It was demolished in 1806, although its cornerstone was saved and was inserted in the outer wall of the Holy Name Chapel, the Church of St. Dominic. (designed and built by James Hoban) on Half street west and O street southwest.  The chapel was the first building erected for Catholic worship in the City of Washington and was paid for, essentially, by James Barry an Irishman from Baltimore and a millionaire who was a close friend and confidential adviser on business matters to Bishop Carroll. The chapel was better know in its day as Barry's Chapel and served the Catholics...many of them Irish ..in the area of  Greenleaf's Point near the present day Navy Yard and Fort McNair.