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St. Patrick's

It is only fitting that a church with the fine name of St. Patrick's is the
parent church of Washington DC. The land for the church was raised in 1794 by an Irishman, Father Anthony Caffry (Or, according to Vatican records,  McCaffery) On April 17, 1794, Father Caffery purchased lots 5 and 6 of block 376 in the original DC plat, bounded by Ninth and Tenth and F and G streets, "for the use of the Roman Catholic congregation worshipping in Saint Patrick's church and for their use forever." (The first church was a one-and-a- half-story frame house.) The priest paid eighty pounds sterling for the land and deeded it to Bishop Carroll in September, 1804. He later raised enough money to purchase more land around the area where the church would be.  Caffery left for Ireland in 1805, there is no definite record or when he actually left nor is it known if he ever built a church on the spot.
 Rev. Timothy O 'Toole was pastor of St. Patrick’ s from 1854 to 1860.