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Thousands of Irish built the C& Canal and the B&O Railroad

"There are three kinds of power that run this great nation, water power, steam power, and Irish power...and the last works hardest of all". E.M Johnson

"how often do we see such paragraphs in the paper as an Irishmen drowned, an Irishman crushed by a beam, an Irishman suffocated in a pit, an Irishman blown to atoms by a steam engine, ten or twenty Irishmen buried alive by the sinking of a bank, and other like casualties and perils to which honest Pat is constantly exposed in the hard toils of his daily bread" Letter to Ireland, 1836.

"The rarest sight in America, is that of a grey haired Irishman" Letter to Ireland 1860

"There are seventy thousand railroad ties that connect this city to the rest of our country, I would venture that we had to buried an Irishman under each one of them."

"Tugged up from their roots, taken and going willingly from the sea smells and peat smells, shoved into a boat with sweating and cursing and stinking and praying with deaths and births, with old age and youth, they landed and a shovel was placed in their hands or a hammer or a spade and they built Boston and New York and Chicago and Philadelphia. And in the evenings they walked home in the leaning shadows of the grey stone to their one or two rooms and fell into a bewildered sleep" Jack Dunphy.