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William John Duane

Irishman William John Duane of Tipperary,  an a newspaper owner, lawyer and politicans from Philadelphia. He arrived with his parents, William Duane and Catherine Corcoran in 1796. He helped his father establish the Aurora, a Philadelphia newspaper, which he ran until  1806 before turning to law and politics. By 1805, he was one fo the most powerful politicans in the country.  In
In 1833, President Andrew Jackson appointed Duane Secretary of the Treasury . Daune dablled in DC politics and made attempts to have Jackson fire the DC establishment and replace them with Irishmen from Philadelphia. he tern mayor Robert a "nincumpoop,"  Stephan Pleasanton (Fifth Auditor of the Treasury)  a “nothingarian,"  and “assistant throat-cutter."
Like his predecessor at the Treasurt, Duane refused to remove government deposits from the Bank of the United States and transfer them to state banks.  Jackson fired him.  For several years Duane ran a bookstore on Pennsylvania Avenue (The Daune family also sold most of the paper stock purchased in the United States)